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Saturday, 5 July 2014


Failure, all try’s to skip for this, still face it.  In a very simple words FAILURE means a state or a condition where we are unable to get 100% of your efforts. All experience this state or condition one or another day; where even after giving full efforts unsatisfactory result appears as outcome.

Success or Failure is never common for anyone; all are born and die with it. As we cannot avoid it, we should always welcome both sates with open arms and handle it based on situation never forget both are opposite with respective value. Common property is both are not stable, never sticks to any specific person, time or place with applied conditions. 

There are set of examples in the world, where people started their journey with failure and ended at a grand success or even vice-verse. Always take a lesson from your failure and teach the same to your success, by this we may balance equation of life and LIVE happily. Although what we read was an Ideal equation, but people don’t follow it and get fail in enjoying the whole sole single life that they have, this doesn’t only suffers them also their loved ones. 

Personally, if I talk about myself still am searching and waiting for my success to arrive one day with all by best efforts and lesson from my tutor (Mr. Failure). People whom I helped at their bad days are now successful, happy leaving me at same state again & again. Why this happen to me? I always ask this to my sole and always got same reply that this was not meant for you and you are born for something which those people don’t had, have or will get and this is what has kept me alive till date. As I said earlier failure never sticks anyone, with this hope that there will be a day when I will live my life I AM FIGHTING with everyone, even with myself.

Have seen many people giving “MANTRA OF SUCCESS”, but I want to ask did you apply that “MANTRA” yourself any time? If yes then what was the end result and If NO than why? I believe in both the cases it not easy to answer because things never go same with anyone; all have different meaning of LIFE and their way of living it. Now the question arise “HOW TO GET SUCCESS?” rather “HOW TO BE HAPPY?” one of the simple answer I got from someone was; “Person who is neutral in all condition, stage, level and position of life is SUCCESS FULL or HAPPY. When I asked for a reason for his reply he said ; one who reaches at this stage stops feeling each and every thing which is meant for or by Human, indirectly he discontinue his membership from this mankind society.