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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Life Without Music

Music, our life is blank without this word it stays with us from birth till last breath. Imagining life without Music is impossible, it plays an important role at every stage of life; motivation, success, happiness, focus, dream, aggression and even our inner soul all is awful without music. A key that connects two people, city, state, nation, religion or sometime even above everything. Music itself has its own metrics and dimension that manipulates as per the culture and community.

 Music has power that it can heal all physical and mental wounds of life. It connects two hearts, motivate& make people realize that for what mission they were born. There are living legends that devoted their whole life for music. Life divine itself when music enter into it, even we have stories where it has changes the whole life completely. Music modulates the mind as per the form it’s played.

Mostly people prefer to listen melodious or emotional music at the time when they are with them self. Where there is no one to distract them and to understand what they had, have or doing in their life. Why I said so it, when people listen such music they connect their past or present with the theme of music and open their self to the trust which is many of the time locked under many locks inside the heart. Music is associated with each and every human being also with the animals, in studies people have observed that if their cows listen to happy & joyful music they give more milk than any of the normal day without music. 

Indirectly we can say music is one of the major reason or element for developing the characteristics of an individual. Based on the type of music they are associated with they perform or behave which continues till the life time. Now it’s up to them what type of music they choose and what they want to achieve in their life.

Music is like a wishing well, it’s all what we wish we get, connect yourself with such music that it should not only bright your life but the shine should reach to each and every one who is connected to you, which some day will make life not happy but happiest, and you will achieve all for what you were born