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Monday, 21 July 2014

A Journey from Non Metropolitan To Metropolitan

India is one of the biggest powers (Military Force, Technology, Revenue based) in the world. Though for such growth bigger percentage of contribution is made by the Metropolitan cities of India; Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata & Chennai are top among the listed cities. Now all cities are on the race track for getting more advanced and develop, so that they can be among the top ones. It’s good and it should be there, as this will help in the growth of cities, but India still has a bigger number of Non Metropolitan city and such cities need more focus as compare to the listed cities. The Major factor which has helped these cities in growing at such rate is the business sectors they had acquired. IT (Information technology), Automation, Infrastructure, Industrial Areas, and much more are on top among the Job listing sectors. People find it much easier to get Job here, compared to non metropolitan city as because of existence one needs money. All because of such people gets attracted towards these cities, resulting increment in population of the city, which is a major point for any city to get into the list of Metropolitan city. All because of such Metro cities are growing and non metro cities are still same as they were earlier, no development, no growth, nothing.

Why do we need!!
For the development of any country or state, their cities should be advanced and well developed, as for overall growth all is counted. IT industry is a major sector where they need more employees compare to any other industry. A recent study has said that all industries are getting effected by their bad recruitments, as it leads to less productivity and more expensive. What do the students of such non metropolitan cities need? Motivation, better sourcing, proper platform, expose and correct guidelines. 

How can we overcome this??
What I believe is the solution of this is why these big industries don’t give opportunity to the people of non metropolitan cities, just by getting down into their own city. All this can be possible by proper training to the students at the time of graduation or Post graduation, either company itself or a community elected by all companies can select which are these states and cities where they can run their program. In such program industry or the community doesn’t has to invest. Only as per their target requirement they need to select a team of professionals who are best in their field (IT-software/hardware, human resource, finance, mechanical field, storage and maintenance, administration and all other departments).

The community needs to select the state and city, where these teams can be sent or can train students via video conferencing to the selected colleges, where they can actually train these students of final years. By this the companies can actually reduce the training & provision period for new hirings, as they are already aware with the nature and process of work while in the training given. This will reduce the training cost of industries as per the type of employees they need. Every year or tow the community can change state, city and college. By this all states and city will get better opportunities and industry will get a bunch of professionally trained employees from all parts of the country, that too without any investment or major efforts. For selecting employee the community can set a standard format of test for freshers, all this is going to be conducted while their graduation or post graduation. Directly or indirectly this would help the society, institutes, city, state, industry and also the country. 

Let’s take an example:
An IT Company XYZtech Solution. Ltd. has a team of professional who are expert in the finance sector, such team is sent once in quarter and every month video conference to an institute XXX college of the XXX state, XXX city. The student of final year is being trained as per the corporate need. Once the final year and the training are over, a proper test can be conducted as corporate do after the training of new hiring. The Community can set a standard level if student cross that level as per the knowledge they can be sent directly respective company or department. 

Note: All firms have their different way of working and some standard format or procedure, but still at the level of training maximum process are common. Means this can be possible by this at certain point corporate industries of India can share their best skills with the whole industry.


  Equally growth of all Non metropolitan cities

  Corporate can filter bright talent from all over India
  Reduction in costing of training to new hiring

  More ideas and work process sharing between corporate industries.

  Lesser preference to any specific institute as, every year institute 
 and state for training will be changed (indirect marketing on
 Institutes for further admissions)

 Better development of students, with theoretical knowledge at the 
 college level they will get exposure to the corporate world. Even if 
 the student didn’t get selected to the corporate sector, he/she 
 can actually get a job easily at any other company