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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Hello to All !!!

What to start with, the answer is " I don't Know" as this is for the first time I am writing something.
All knows there are so many thoughts which run's in one's mind, all related to self, family & Friends, what to do, how to do, why to do, where to do & even when to do ? same is my case I always pretend to be happy but I an not ! Even I don't know they reason that why aren't I am happy or in other words Satisfied. Is it the life or something else which is obstructing to me from becoming Happy OR Satisfied.

I am searching for some one who can tell me the exact meaning of being happy OR being satisfied ?
may be by means of this blog I may find the person who can tell me the exact meaning.

You know before anyone gives the answer to my questing, I would like you people to know that,I haven't done any thing right in the whole life since I was born and some time feels like, that I an being gifted with this negativity and will die with it.

Thanks / regards,
Ankit Mishra