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Friday, 19 June 2015

Multi-Channel Publishing

Before we start, understand what does multi-channel mean, "Multi" define many and "Channel" define a way or source for delivering the message. So, the term "multi-channel publishing" means to publish a same content on various publication channels for all users at the same time.  

User may access your content via book , flyer even some may access it on tablet, mobile phone, home computers, laptops and other gadgets via publication channel like website or blog. You may create an info-graphic, one minute video or presentation for publishing. This means by various printing and digital media channels  you can publish your content and to reach your target audience. 


When we offer a similar content to user by means of multiple channels and ways, like books printing, uploading content on website or blog or even a presentation; the only factor which makes difference is the resource or channel used for publishing the content . 

In this digital era,  user prefer collecting information by means of various resources and channels, let it be a book, flyer , website , mobile application, e-book or even an info graphic. The important fact is to get your content published to several print and digital publishing channels to reach the target audience.

Although each channel has its limitation which some time makes multi-channel publishing a complex method, example; you cannot use more than 140 character in twitter post, which means you need to be careful while creating your content or message, and ignoring this can make your message less effective, which may affect your targeted user.  

 Every channel has its uniqueness  properties which can be further optimized by several tools and techniques to make your content more effective.

Today Companies are focusing more on creating a unique and creative content for their target audience, and for promotion  they use multi-channel publishing, which distributes and publish the content via several channels and resources, which highlight the content it in front  to the target audience or readers. 

As technology is getting more complex day by day, more channels are evolving for publishing of the content. This multi-channel publishing has changed the way of approaching to the target audience, also this will play a major role in planning future publishing strategies.  

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

“Father” Worlds Strongest Men

I believe giving the title of the world’s strongest men to a Father is very much appropriate. He is the one because of whom we are having our existence in this world. For every child him/her father is the First, Foremost and favourite “Hero”; each one of us feels safe in his arms, no matter how Big & Bad we are, we will be sheltered here!

His love can never by evaluate, in any case or manner. Although the love he has for his child is in different type compared to the love, we get from “Mother.” He is the one who gives us direction to Live, Fight and Achieving our goal in this world. He is our roots, and no tree can survive in wind-storms until unless they have roots.

Never ever, any Father is cruel for his children’s; it’s just the circumstances and situations that force him to take strong action for or against the family. Let it be any situation, father’s main motive is to try as much as possible to accomplish the wish of his child; no matter what price he has to pay for it. His love is never see as we see of our mother has but yes, back somewhere we can feel his Love and care!

No one can feel what do your father feels about you! It is the biggest question every child has in his mind about his/her father!

I believe the correct answer is the moment when you yourself become Father; how do you feel? Moreover, what are your expectations for your Child?

Today I see in many situations, where this World’s Strongest Men are getting weaker all due to his own branches. In this 21st century, the rate of old parents registering them self in Old age homes is increasing Why? Why cannot you protect that person who protected you in every condition or satiation of your childhood?

Never forget there will be a day when you will be a Father!